Commedia dell’ arte


Collette spent a semester in Arezzo, Italy studying commedia dell’ arte and physical theatre at Accademia dell’ Arte. In the vineyards of Tuscany with a private chef she and her colleagues completed a demanding conservatory program led by renown European teaching artists such as Michele Bottini (commedia), Kevin Crawford (voice) and Claudia Schnuerer (movement). She also designed and built her own Arlecchino mask from plaster, fiberglass, and latex learning from an Italian mask maker named Lino.

top rung


In 2018, Collette collaborated with Tut’ Zanni Theatre Company, a commedia based physical theatre company founded by ADA alums in 2011 that teaches workshops and performs original work all across the USA and Europe. Top Rung told the story of ambitious office workers trying to climb the corporate ladder and was presented in an interactive setting with 20 audience participants sitting around a conference table in a midtown Manhattan office. Collette played Frankie, the sardonic office technician who spends her days eye rolling at her coworkers and doing as little work as possible.